New Here? Here is what we do

Videostars is a U.S.-based platform that allows users to upload videos and share their stories. This platform is 100% free to use, there is no algorithm, and you can share your video link anywhere. Use it for fun, use it for your business, use it to express yourself. There is no algorithm so new creators have a fair chance. No creator can pay to get to the top of the list. Creators can also make money from their fans and get paid 90%, the highest in the industry.  Creators can also get brand sponsor deals with Videostars Fans and users do not have to pay to watch videos or have to watch commercials every other video like other platforms. Data stays safe on our servers, we do not sell your information, and you own your content and can remove it whenever you want. Creators can monetize from day one and without fear of shadowbans, we only remove videos if they are breaking the law in them. We do not allow nudity. Follow your friends, block whomever you do not want to see, and express yourself. 


Watch Unlimited Videos For Free, Create and upload your videos free, and if they give you gifts using Videostars, you get paid 90% of what you collected. Our feed is the latest videos first, and allows users to skip what they are not interested in and discover new content. You can use Videostars search to find any video, search by topic, subject or keyword. 

Get Verified- Get Branding Deals.

Verified Creators enjoy commission payouts from brands with Videostars, and everyone has a chance to do it. We discover content creators exclusively from our platform. For instance, you could be paid to try a product out and post a video about it. You could get contacted to do a brand shoutout for a small business in your area. We are constantly looking for creators to connect with. Verified creators get a channel tab of their very own on the verified creators' page.