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Savage Tiktok Account

Rick Moghadam and his wife Jennifer started the TikTok channel @SavageLovers2010 because they wanted a couples channel to go along with their existing social media profiles on the platform, but did not want to tie the new channel to their existing audiences because the couple owns several businesses between them. They started the channel on December 1st, 2021, and the first series they decided on would be around the Elf on the Shelf. The decision of topic was going to be based around telling their daughter, Chloe - age 10 that Daddy has always been Santa. The couple knew it was time for her to learn that before she found out at school, an issue many parents deal with at the age group. The couple had been doing the "elf on the shelf" thing ever since their daughter was born, but after the decision was made to use the Elf on the Shelf as content, they discovered they had somehow lost their two elves and had to rush out and buy one.

Everyone else does cute, don't be everyone else

Rick, the owner of a business funding company called Metromedia Funding Solutions had the realization that the way to make it on social media of any kind is to provide original content that captures the audience and keeps them on board, the couple made a character of their elf and made a storyline like none other. The elf would be an out-of-control elf that would make massive messes and has a "MacGyver meets Tim Allen from Home Improvement " mindset when it comes to doing anything.

The secret is to be yourself

The couple agreed that they did not want to put on the "social media fake faces" that are commonplace on the platform, they also decided that they were not going to script anything, but to simply wing it every night, they did not erase and re-record, if there was an error, the audience saw it. They believed the method worked well because it was real. Nothing was scripted or thought of before the time of recording.

Videos in parts, Text on Screen, and the Pinned Video

The couple wishes that they would have pinned a comment on each video explaining the TikTok channel was an episodic style channel when they uploaded the videos, but the platform, nor the holiday season ever goes away, and plan to do so when the holidays come back around. Many viewers discovered the channel on a "part-2 of Day XXX) on the For You Page, but they discovered that not everyone would go find the first part.

Not one penny invested into marketing

The goal was to see what they could do without boosting any videos, Rick Moghadam mentions that he learned a lot about how the hashtags can help your exposure, he mentions visiting each hashtag on the platform before you use it. The couple did not set any goals for the channel because both business owners were going to study the data after the holiday season ended. Jenn's video from a scavenger hunt had the most views and the couple was baffled about that because the video was "not the best one" in both of their opinions. They learned that the video got more views because several other creators on the platform also conducted scavenger hunts with their kids on that day. They were not worried about going viral or monetizing the channel, they were just having fun and being themselves. Both Rick and Jenn will tell anyone that starts a channel that you should not get involved with people that claim to get views from bots on the platform, and both discovered that the smaller group that follows them are substantially more active in the comments and share their content a lot.

Trial and Error with filters and music.

Many marketers claim the music and filters is what makes TikTok videos become popular, the couple followed that concept for a short while, then discovered that using the Videostars filters with a soundtrack that fits the storyline of the video was better for the channel because the viewers would watch them over-and-over again. The platform does not count repeated viewers as new viewers on the business side of TikTok, if the user watches it 20 times, it's still only one view. After they calmed down on the over usage of filters, which is easy to do in TikTok, they saw more views, Rick said the filters should be an afterthought, the music should match your content, and your focus should be on your content. You have to hook them with a thumbnail of the most eye-catching part of a video, and your hashtags should be one for the general subject you are covering, one for the "for you page" (there are tons of those) one for a more defined subject in your topic, like if you are doing elf on the shelf, and one for your geographical area. The big subject and sub-subject parts are key, he mentioned he used #christmastiktok and #elfontheshelf hashtags often. When you are building an audience using episodic material, you should keep your main subject and sub-subject the same over several videos to have multiple videos from the same series appear on the "For You " Page

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These are listed in order of how they were posted on TikTok between 12/1/2021- 12/25/2021

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